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    - Delphinium, or Larkspur, perennial plant of the family Renonculaceae.

    - Group: Elatum (meaning high in Latin)

    - Mainly native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

    - Flower very appreciated by butterflies.


    How to recognize it?

    The floral stem of this plant which can reach 2m, is raised and dense. The flowers which compose it are symmetrical and ornate with five petals, of which that of the top is provided with a spur. Its palmate leaves are cut in 3 to 7 toothed points.



    Where does its name come from? 

    Delphis: Dolphin in Greek. 

    Its blue, white or pink flowers are gathered in long clusters whose shape reminds the rostrum of a dolphin, hence its name "Delphinium" and its French derivative "dauphinelle". 

    The name larkspur comes from its resemblance to a field lark's foot which has a long back claw reminding the spur of the flower.

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