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Collaboration Julie Maurin & Claire Iseppi

Julie and Claire started their studies together at the Fine art School of Lyon (ENSBA), in France. They eventually evolved in different ways but remained sensitives to the same approach of art and design.

In 2017, they collaborated on their first commun project

called « AMPHISBAENA ». Derived from Greek words « Amphis », « two ways » and « Bainein »,« to go », « amphisbaena » means « double walker », as a walker who goes in two directions.

Julie and Claire have used their own artisanal practices and knowledge, whilst aiming to find the right balance to combine their two ways of working as a mean to express their vision of accessory design In a very open way.

Julie Maurin 

Julie Maurin is an artist, designer and researcher living and studying in London. She recently started a master in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art and has a background in Accessories Design (ENSAV La Cambre) and Textile Design (ENSBA Lyon).

Photos: Emma Panchot

Model: Zelie Israel

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